Monday, June 9, 2008

Last Ballgame!!!

We had our last ballgame tonight!! It was VERY hot despite the fact it was a night game, but we endured and all had a great time anyway! We finished the season 9-3 and in 2nd place. Should have been 1st but THAT is a whole other story, one that enolved some men that need to act like they are grown ups....but I wont go down that road!! LOL. We were so lucky to be with a team that had such a great group of boys. They all played exceptionally well and with such great attitudes. They trully knew the meaning of being a TEAM. Karsyn had so much fun. She cheered and entertained us all!! I believe there is a future cheerleader in her!!! She LOVED playing with the "big girls" and trying to do whatever they did! She really wants to be a big girl! Harrison and some of his friends got a little bored at the game (and who can really blame them, we won 14-2). They made their own game up which envolved thowing a paper cup around, boys....go figure!! It's kinda sad that the season is over, going to the ballpark became such a daily event....not sure what we will do with our evenings now!!!