Friday, December 12, 2008 I have been tagged. So this is my 4th file and the 4th photo??? I have no one else to "tag" so I am going to add this post to facebook and see what kind of fun comes out of it!!! Ok....kinda weird, Karsyn playing on the playground, but you can hardly see her!!

Monday, December 8, 2008


Well, I have done an AWFUL job @ keeping this blog up...sorry!! Will try and do a better job, guess maybe that can be on my New Year's resolution list...LOL!

We took the kids to see Santa Claus this weekend. Last year we had such an awful time trying to find a Santa to go and see...(there is NO mall in Boaz). Fortunately we have discovered there is a mall in Gadsden Alabama which is only about 30 minutes from here. We were so excited when we got there..I mean who ever heard of Christmas with NO MALL!!! We stood in line for just about an hour which was not all that bad, most all of the Bama peeps were @ home watching the SEC championship game. Good planning on our part, huh? Everyone was on their best behavior, I so wish that Santa lived around the corner or something, this would make life much easier..LOL. We wondered how Karsyn would be, standing in line she seemed her happy go lucky self, saying "hi" and waving to each and every person she saw and make new friends as well...she is SUCH a social butterfly. To our amazement NO screams and NO tears. She was a little uncertain and did not dare take her eyes off of Mommy & Daddy! The boys gave dear ole Santa their list. You know they each only told him maybe 2 things. We are so fortunate that they do not think they need it all!! Santa checked his naughty and nice list, and to the boys amazement....he had to have a small talk with them about sharing and not fighting with each other and listening to their parents. I have NEVER known a Santa to take time for that....kinda makes me wonder.....hmmmmmm???? Harrison & Nolan had chin drop to the was great! Of course they still fight!!! We ended our trip with a ride on the Carousel in the food court. Steve rode with them while I stayed behind and took pictures! Karsyn wanted NO HELP...she is little miss independent you know, barely 2 and she can do it all....but we wont DARE put any pee pee in the potty....go figure!!! That's another story for another day! All in all we had a really great day!

We finished the day off with dinner @ our favorite "local" spot...Ryan's (now isnt that sad) the kids really like it. They wanted to take me out to dinner for my birthday. They could hardly contain themselves in their "secret" plan to let the waitress know it was my birthday. I pretended to NOT notice their soft talking, shhhing and nuding dad "did you tell her did you tell her" and acted so very surpised when the I got the clapping hand round of Happy Happy Birthday....Bless their hearts they thought it was great...and it was!!! On Sunday I got a birthday breakfast made for me, pancakes, and you know they were quite good! Steve did his best to watch football and NOT scream and yell @ the TV. The kids baked me a cake also, poor Steve, I am pretty sure that Nolan knew more about baking a cake then he did!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Last Ballgame!!!

We had our last ballgame tonight!! It was VERY hot despite the fact it was a night game, but we endured and all had a great time anyway! We finished the season 9-3 and in 2nd place. Should have been 1st but THAT is a whole other story, one that enolved some men that need to act like they are grown ups....but I wont go down that road!! LOL. We were so lucky to be with a team that had such a great group of boys. They all played exceptionally well and with such great attitudes. They trully knew the meaning of being a TEAM. Karsyn had so much fun. She cheered and entertained us all!! I believe there is a future cheerleader in her!!! She LOVED playing with the "big girls" and trying to do whatever they did! She really wants to be a big girl! Harrison and some of his friends got a little bored at the game (and who can really blame them, we won 14-2). They made their own game up which envolved thowing a paper cup around, boys....go figure!! It's kinda sad that the season is over, going to the ballpark became such a daily event....not sure what we will do with our evenings now!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hanging Out At The Ballpark!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I have not done a good job posting pics on this blog...sorry! I am going to try to add them more frequently so check back often!

Today was HOT HOT HOT!!!! Almost made the mid 90's and it is ONLY the 1st of June! UGH!! We decided to fill up the pool and cool off a bit! As usual the boys tried to "swim" in the WADING pool, and Karsyn had to try and copy everything they did. I swear she will actually be swimming by the end of the summer. She is already trying to go under water. Scaring the tar out of Momma in the process!! Nolan is being typical...SILLY and Harrison, well I think he thinks he is a bit "too cool for the wadding pool" if there had been a girl around (and there are a plenty around here) he would NOT have been "wading in no water" LOL.